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Mathieu captures the timeless, unplanned moments that make up your perfect day, such as a couple's private smile and a father's happy expression. A seasoned artist and watcher, he appreciates every couple’s originality and celebrates their united personality through his work. Mathieu photography can be intimate or vivid; they can ooze warmth or edge; and they capture the emotion of the moment with accuracy.

Having a team of experts that truly care about, respect, and understand the love and pleasure inherent in your wedding day is essential to capturing the enchantment of the occasion in photographs. To ensure that your wedding book is an accurate and loving reflection of the events, feelings, and details of your special day.

My couples in Montreal, Quebec select me as their wedding photographer because they know I will capture the personal details of their big day, from the groom's anxious wait for his best man to the flower girl's embarrassing fall as she scatters multicoloured petals.

One of the first things individuals do when they are young is daydream about their wedding. Small girls daydream about their wedding dresses, while little boys imagine what their wedding vows would be like. A common curiosity amongst prospective weds is what the happy couple will resemble. Is there a chance that they'll have good looks? Will they have a good temperament and get along with their parents?

When a man and a woman fall in love, they begin fantasising about their wedding day. Whether or not they are aware of it at the moment, the words that they may one day say to one another in a holy ceremony begin to take shape in their minds as their love deepens. Over supper, in bed, or on the phone, they reflect on their wedding day. It's up there with the first time a man or woman says "I love you" to their significant other. The first time a couple declares their intention to commit to each other via a wedding ceremony, it conveys love and a desire to spend the rest of their lives with one other. Their wedding day is the culmination of a series of events that have been building for days, weeks, months, occasionally years, or even decades.

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