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Mathieu Voss is one of the best photographers in Montréal, and her photos are a seamless synthesis of traditional and modern aesthetics. Mathieu is one of the best photographers in Québec and beyond because of her friendly, competent approach and the amazing portraiture, innovative editorial, and breathtaking wedding images he produces.

Mathieu's photography has been in demand ever since she opened her own studio due to her unique skill and vision.

Mathieu Voss elevates photography to the level of fine art.

Mathieu Voss is a highly skilled photographer in Montréal, known for combining traditional and modern aesthetics in her work. Her friendly and competent approach, as well as her exceptional portraiture, editorial, and wedding photography, have made her one of the top photographers in Québec and beyond. Since opening her own studio, Mathieu's unique vision and skill have made her in high demand. She truly elevates photography to an art form.

Mathieu Voss's work captures the essence of her subjects, whether they are people, landscapes or still life. Her photographs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also emotionally evocative, making them stand out in a sea of generic images. Mathieu's ability to bring out the beauty in the everyday and the extraordinary is what sets her apart as a photographer.

Mathieu's work has been featured in many publications, and her client list includes some of the most respected names in the industry. Mathieu Voss is not only a talented photographer but also a true artist, and her work is a testament to her passion and dedication to her craft.

Picking the Right Photographer for Your Big Day
You might think of these photos as a portfolio of my current and former work. As someone who has worked as a photographer for nearly a decade, I can attest to the value of capturing genuine moments. Choosing a wedding photographer with whom you share a genuine rapport is crucial so that you feel comfortable and at ease on one of the most significant days of your lives together.

It's crucial to the storytelling process to convey feelings like love and happiness. When browsing the galleries of other photographers, you could receive only a peek of the day. Everything about today reminds me of the people who love and support you. Members of the protagonist's family, as well as their acquaintances and offspring, play important roles in the narrative. I do my best to get pictures of everyone in attendance, especially the kids and the elderly. Because of this, my photography stands apart from the rest. An emotional account of your day is something I enjoy doing. Since life moves at a breakneck pace, having a reliable witness to the events you miss is essential for enjoying them again and again down the road.